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Sergio Valenzuela - Director

Sergio Valenzuela is a U.S. Veteran. Sergio’s perspective brings a unique vision to the film as a director, Veteran and someone who is battling PTSD himself.  

An award-winning Director, Editor, and recent Silver Telly Award winner for his documentary, MY STRUGGLE. Sergio has edited numerous award-winning documentaries, most recently the Midsouth Emmy Award winner, HUNGER IN AMERICA by Skydive Films, in association with Casting Life Films, Indiewood Pictures, and Blue Conduit Films. 

Based out of Nashville, TN, Sergio has built a relationship with some of the top artist and management companies Music City has to offer. This has allowed him to work on projects for Music City Media, Cowboy Troy, and James Denton from "Desperate House Wives."

Sergio is the founder of Silver Phoenix Pictures.



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Zac Adams - Writer/Producer


Zac Adams was born in Baton Rouge, LA. After graduating from Watkins Film School in Nashville, TN, Adams wrote, produced, and directed 5 short films. Each of these films played at several film festivals, and two screened on PBS stations across the country.


Adams' PBS Mini-Series, SOUTHERN HAUNTS is a program that delves into the myths and mysteries behind some of the most fascinating ghost stories of the south. It has won 6 International Awards, been viewed by millions on PBS, and is narrated by national TV and radio personality, Charlie Chase, from "Crook and Chase" fame.  He has also written, produced, and directed music videos, feature films, TV Pilots, and marketing videos. His work has been seen on PBS, VH-1, MTV, GAC, CMT PURE, and CMT.


Adams is the president of Skydive Films, where his company is currently developing several new TV shows, documentaries, and feature films. His film, NASHVILLE RISES, a documentary about the epic 2010 Nashville flood, was nominated for a 2012 Emmy. It is narrated by Academy Award winner Billy Bob Thornton. 


Adams is the director/producer of the Midsouth Emmy Award winner, HUNGER IN AMERICA; a powerful look at the secret hunger crisis happening in America’s own back yard. The film is narrated by "Desperate Housewives" star, James Denton.  He also directed/produced the Midsouth Emmy nominated AUTISM IN AMERICA; is a film focusing on autism acceptance and awareness. It’s narrated by "Grey’s Anatomy" star, Chandra Wilson.


Tim VandeSteeg - Producer

Tim VandeSteeg is an award-winning Producer, Director and the CEO of Indiewood Pictures. Tim has over 20+ years of experience and success in producing and directing documentary films, narrative motion pictures and media content.

In 2010, Tim directed and produced the 10-time award-winning and inspirational documentary

MY RUN, narrated by Academy Award winner Billy Bob Thornton. After making a positive impact on the film festival circuit the film opened in over 500+ movie theaters nationwide in 140 of the top US cities and secured over 20 million impressions. 

With Tim’s next film, he produced the 10-time award-winning documentary THE EYES OF THAILAND, narrated by Ashley Judd. The inspirational film was awarded the prestigious “ACE Film Grant” from the Humane Society of the United States and had the honor to screen at the International Campaign to Ban Landmines in Switzerland. 

In the past, Tim has produced, directed and developed media content for ABC, Hallmark Entertainment, ABC Family and IMAX. This includes ABC's promos: CAPITAL CITY (starring Peter Fonda and Tom Berenger), DIVERSITY, LESS THAN PERFECT (starring Andy Dick), the mini-series DINOTOPIA (staring Wentworth Miller), and field produced the behind-the-scenes of the MUSIC MAN (starring Matthew Broderick, Kristin Chenoweth, Molly Shannon).

Tim produced the feature documentary and Midsouth Emmy Award winner, HUNGER IN AMERICA, narrated by James Denton. He also produced the the Midsouth Emmy nominated documentary AUTISM IN AMERICA, narrated by Chandra Wilson that showcases the lives of people and families living with autism.  

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Mike Stryker - Co-Producer/DP


Mike Stryker is the founder of Casting Life Films, a production company. He is a 9-time Golden Addy Award winner, 2-time Silver Telly winner (for producing, directing and cinematography), and a Midsouth Emmy Award winner.


Past projects include: Paramount Pictures/MTV's "The Wild Wonderful Whites of West Virginia", music videos such as CMT country artist Danielle Peck's "Impossible Dreams" (placing top ten on CMT), Julie Roberts’ "Whiskey and You" (top ten on CMT), Beau Davidson's "Blessed", (which became the 2012 campaign video for Mitt Romney), and Rick Monroe’s "Just the same” (nominated for a Grammy for best Music video category).


He has co-produced four feature documentaries narrated by celebrities including “Autism in America”, “Hunger in America”, and “Iron Will”. His cinematography work includes; "Two, The Story of Roman” and “Nero" starring Jon Bon Jovi and Desmond Child, which has received a numerous amount of awards and is currently playing in international festivals. Most recently Stryker created a short film commissioned by the Thailand Tourism Board to help promote Northern Thailand globally.

Rob Moore - Executive Producer 


"My hope is that audiences will get a better understanding that our heroes are people and deserve our help.  Also, to understand what they are going through and how they can join the movement to help these deserving heroes.  We need to serve them since they served us in the most profound way."
-    Robert Moore, Executive Producer/IRON WILL

Judy Diethelm - Executive Producer 


Judy Diethelm and Robert Moore are partners in WagTree; a company specializing in the identification, development, and distribution of new business concepts, talent, and content. With extensive backgrounds in branding, marketing, management, media development, and public relations, WagTree is one-stop shopping for clients who want their brand, business, or story to achieve its fullest potential. The Global Give Network℠ (GGN) is an innovative turnkey marketing program, focused on creating a network of passionate people committed to giving, fundraising, and helping others. 

Global Give Network is a WagTree, LLC program #YouGIVEYouGET


  • Co-Producers: Mike Stryker, Amy Zellers

  • Associate Producers: Mike Nead

  • Field Producer (Nashville): Esseri Holmes 

  • Composer: Cody Westheimer 

  • Editor: Ben Wilder

  • Sound Deginer: J.D. Andrew

  • Graphic Designer: Seen Robinson (SeenDesigns)

  • Social Media Ninja (crowdfundng campaign): Collin Pelton

  • Trailer Editor: Luke Dye 

  • Additional Credits on and in the Film Credits



“PTSD is a whole-body tragedy, an integral human event of enormous proportions with massive repercussions.” 

- Susan Pease Banitt, Psychotherapist 

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